Get To Know Me.

 I’m NatKasparian, a self-taught illustrator based out of Toronto.  My illustrations are best described as abstract and contemporary, they focus mainly on the expression of personality and character which I depict through my many distorted faces. My work can range from simple hand-drawn animal and nature illustrations to distorted faces and humans that often exudes feelings of anxiety, calm, relaxation, self-conflict and deep thought.

My process starts by freely drawing without the pressure of perfection  which allows me to discover new styles as well as show my true feelings and head-space. I redraw the initial sketch and build on my idea on marker paper using markers and paint. Art is my escape from the struggles of everyday life and it allows me to express myself freely with no limits.  

I was born in Kuwait and later moved to Lebanon  but ultimately grew up in Saudi Arabia until I finished high school and was then able to pursue higher education in Toronto, Canada. Throughout all the changes and culture shocks in my life, art has been one of the very few constants. I am a proud Third Culture Kid,  a citizen of the world. I draw from the perspective of everybody, I like to make sure that whoever looks at my drawings are able to see a part of themselves or a part of how they are feeling in them. 

Commissioning of a custom piece is available upon request, please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you !